Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Sex Toys


Sex toys are a regular part of many people’s lives. It is an industry that moves more than 17 billion dollars worldwide. Everything seems to indicate that toys designed for personal pleasure are here to stay. It should be noted that, in general, they are very safe gadgets and that they carry very few risks to use.

However, while it is safe in most cases, there are some mistakes to avoid when using sex toys. We will tell you which are the most common, so you can focus on enjoying your new acquisitions without worries. Here are some common mistakes most people make when using sex toys.

Not Using Enough Lubricant

Most problems with sex toys come from insufficient use of lubricant. Therefore, whether we are talking about a toy designed for anal sex or vaginal sex, it is necessary to use a very abundant amount of intimate lubricant to avoid any damage to the body.

What is the key to knowing how much lubricant to use? A good way to know the right amount for each toy is to stop adding lubrication when you don’t feel any pain from using it. In this way, it will be practically impossible to suffer a micro tear or harm yourself when the lubricant begins to dry.

Neglecting Hygiene

All sexual practices must be accompanied by proper hygiene. Otherwise, you may get some nasty infection that prevents you from enjoying sex. The use of sex toys is no exception. To ensure the hygiene of your sex toys, you only have to wash them with hot soapy water after using them. If you want to take this look one step further, you can always use them with a condom to avoid any dirt.

Using Poor Quality or Dangerous Toys

The last of the error has to do with the choice of sex toys. To ensure that you do not have any problems with them, you must choose high-quality products. The only way to do it is by buying your sex toys in an erotic shop.

Although it can be much more embarrassing than doing it online, when buying in a specialized store, you make sure you only get the highest quality objects and without any danger to your health. To be able to enjoy your new sex toys safely, take note of these tips. This way, you can use them without fear of damage or infection.